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Often when we share that we work across industries, roles, and North America – our potential clients are skeptical.


Yes, your company is unique. And your city is too. And so are the people that you’ll hire. What’s not unique is our process of aligning our interests with yours and then applying brute force to produce solid hires time and time again. So efficient, we pay you if we don’t fill the role. So solid are the fits, we stand behind the placements for 15 months.


To prove the point, we decided to start documenting the high-level details of our searches to demonstrate how we’re working across industries, roles, and North America.




Spoiler alert: These case studies will get repetitive if you read too many. That’s because the process is purposely repetitive. Step 1) Learn who the client wants to hire and then Step 2) go out and find exactly them. It’s so simple a recruiter could do it, right? What we don’t forget about though, in all this volume, and all this repetitiveness is the very fact these case studies represent lives changing, families benefiting, and companies winning the never-ending battle of finding top talent.

Connect with us to see if we’re the right partner.